Our Journey Home

Hello everyone!  My family and I are so thrilled to now call the Hampton Roads home.

But, as with everything in life, the drive here did present a few challenges.  I’m happy to say the warm welcome at the end of our travels made it all worthwhile.

The 1600+ mile drive started in Texas, the day after Christmas.  As everyone else prepared for the new year and celebrations ahead, we prepared to make a major move.  Needless to say – our Christmas had no tree or decorations, but in their place, many boxes, packing tape and cleaning materials.

I worked my last day at KRIS 6 News in Corpus Christi on Christmas Day…

Photographer Brad Godeke and myself on my last day at KRIS.

and then packed up the moving truck the very next day!

Truck finally loaded up, Bärli and I ready to go!

We drove for two days straight – from Texas to Louisiana and Mississippi through Alabama and into Tennessee.  Total mileage: 1165!

Ayden and Bärli on the road.
Lots of road to cover!
Bärli enjoying a pupuccino!

It was a long trip for our pound puppy, Bärli and my son, Ayden – but I think they had the better end of the deal – at least that’s what my back was telling me after two days on the road!

We made a detour in Tennessee.  My family gets together somewhere new every year and this year, our destination vacation just happened to be in Chattanooga – the perfect rest stop!

My family at Rock City.

We visited Rock City, Georgia.  A beautiful spot that I highly recommend if you are ever nearby – take a look!

Lover’s Leap at Rock City – you can see seven states from this spot, one is Virginia!!
Part of our group after passing the 180 foot Swing-A-Long Bridge at Rock City.


We had a blast!  And even spent New Years Eve on a Riverboat cruise.

The last sunset of 2014.
My nieces and nephew on the cruise.

But, on New Year’s Day – it was back to business.  We packed up our stuff and hit the road for the final 653 mile stretch of our trip.

I decided to leave at 6 a.m. and beat all the traffic and it seemed to be working out well, until this…

Warning! This will delay your commute significantly!
The spot along I-40 where we spent hours waiting for roadside assistance.

A loud BOOM from the back of the truck was my car carrier’s tire bursting.  While that’s never a good thing, it’s a little worse on New Year’s Day, when roadside assistance runs a tad bit slower.  Three hours after our abrupt stop, tow truck drivers came to our rescue with another car carrier and unloaded my car from the bad unit and hoisted it onto the good one.

I was so happy to see these guys!

During my 3 hour delay, I snapped a photo of our unplanned detour.  I have since decided that I’ve had my fill of mile marker 426 on I-40 East in Tennessee and if I never visit it again, I’ll be just fine.  Here’s a shot, just in case you’ve never been.

Our special spot on I-40.

When we finally hit the road again, we did take in some beautiful views of the Smokey Mountains.

On the road again!

And then we crossed the North Carolina State Line!

North Carolina state line.

We were getting closer to home!  It was dark by the time we crossed into Virginia, but, my son made sure to keep his phone handy so that he could snap this picture of the Virginia State Line!


What a beautiful sight!  We certainly had a celebration in the car when we saw it!!

Turns out, moving from Texas to Virginia is quite an ordeal.  But we made it… slowly, but safely!

My son’s find in a gift shop along the way.

After a long weekend of unpacking and settling in, it was time for our first days of work and school.  My son got set up at school and I made my way to WAVY to start my new job.

I’ve got to tell you, no one welcomes you like WAVY does!!  I walked into the lobby to find this:

The sign in the WAVY lobby was such a sweet gesture!

I was greeted so warmly by multiple new coworkers.  I even got a sweet welcome card and candy.

My welcome card and candy!
My welcome card and candy!


What a way to make someone feel special!

I have now spent the last week training with true professionals.  Each and every one of them is so proud to be a part of the WAVY family and they are all very skilled in their areas of expertise.

I am proud to be part of such a wonderful team!  I’m now working hard, studying maps and gearing up for my first day on air.

I will be debuting Monday at 8 a.m. on Fox 43, and I will go solo Tuesday morning.  I hope you will join me, starting at 4:30 a.m. on WAVY News 10.

It is my goal to save you time on your commute and help get your day off to a great start!